That's not a hairball! It's actually a cough. 

Many pet owners mistake their cats cough as an unproductive hairball. What most pet owners don't know is that many cats suffer from allergies and even feline asthma, so all that unproductive coughing could actually be an asthma attack. Something you should definitely have checked by your vet. Rest assured there are treatment options to help your kitty with their asthma.

Inhaler demo using the AeroKat delivery system.

Demo on how to give sub-q fluids at home.

Placing your cat in a top opening carrier while giving fluids greatly helps to keep them on one spot. If your kitty moves and the needle comes out just stay calm and turn the flow off. Put on a new needle and poke again. You will want to use a new needle each time. Dr. Munck has approved reusing the line/drip set for 3 bags and then you should replace it. 

Demo on how to give your cat a pill.

In this video we demonstrate how to give your cat a pill, tablet or other solid oral medication. Depending on what medication you are giving, drooling afterwards may be expected. Especially if it is a bitter medication. We are always willing to do an in person demo at our clinic, with you and your cat, free of charge.

Demo on how to give a sub-q injection at home.

Click Here For A Video Demo On Sub-Q Injections

Demo on how to give a liquid medication by mouth.

Click Here For A Video Demo On How To Give Liquid Meds By Mouth

Cat Reverse Sneezing Video

Click here for a Video that shows a cat reverse sneezing.


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "Experience and gut instinct are what kept my two cats alive. That is what you get with Dr. Kirsten Munck. Three years ago we moved here and my cat developed a rare illness what was promptly treated but not diagnosed right away- Dr. Munck was relentless on getting to the bottom of it utilizing her vast network of experts, knowing that she could solve it. And she did.
    I would be remiss to no mention the outstanding support team that Dr. Munck has. As any leader knows, you are only as good as the team you surround yourself by. 10 out of 10. Thankful for all of them."
    Margaret B.
  • "I am amazed at how passionate and caring the staff and vet are at this clinic. They are truly amazing! 11 months ago we lost our cat after moving to a new home. We took Kitler to the vet for one visit just before the move. Yesterday someone from the office called to say they saw Kitler's picture on the animal shelter's web page. It was her! She had been hit by a car and brought to the shelter. I still can't believe they recognized her after a single visit and remembered who she belonged to! Kitler should make a full recovery and we are so happy to have her home! Thank you!"
    Denise H.
  • "Dr. Munck is the absolutely best vet one could ever find. She is caring, kind, compassionate, and genuine. We recently moved to Arizona and were unhappy with the quality of vet here. My cat, Henry became suddenly blind and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I called Kirsten for advice, not knowing where to turn. She has called me multiple times with advice and concern and has helped Henry to prolong his life comfortably. When I couldn't get the right medication, she had it overnight shipped to us. Thank you!!!"
    Janet A.