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Select Protein Diet

Download a Printable Version Here

Choose only ONE of the following main protein ingredients:

½ lb. Ground Turkey (organic)

½ lb. Rabbit

½ lb. Venison

½ lb. Quail

½ lb. Ostrich

½ lb. Ground Beef (organic)

Note: Meats can be cooked first for palatability but are better raw. Do Not Cook together with the other ingredients.

Add to the above:

1/8 tsp. Potassium Chloride (salt substitute)

½ lb. Organic pumpkin or  ground organic peas or cooked & ground organic carrots

Stay on the above diet for about 2 weeks and then

Add one of the following to the above ingredients each week, one at a time:

250mg Taurine crushed into food (sold at our clinic or online from PetAg)

1 tsp. Natural Seaweed Calcium (sold our clinic or online from Animal Essentials)

In the next week after adding the above ingredients, start to give by mouth:  0.4ml of Omega-3 fatty acids supplement from daily. Omega-3 Pet Liquid can be purchased from our clinic or online from Nordic Naturals.

If cat is having diarrhea, add 1/8 tsp of a probiotic +/- to food at each meal. We recommend Ultraflora, which can be purchased our clinic or online from Metagenics. If diarrhea continues after being on this diet for 2 to 4 weeks, please call us so that further measures can be taken.