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Prescription Cat Foods We Carry:

We have a wide selection of bag sizes, can sizes (in pate or morsels and gravy), and flavors. We can also special order prescription foods not on this list.

Gastrointestinal Diets:

-Iams Intestinal Plus, dry and canned

-Royal Canin High Energy, dry and canned. We also carry the Moderate Calorie version in dry.

Urinary Diets:

-Hills c/d, dry and canned

-Iams Low pH, dry and canned

-Royal Canin SO, dry and canned. We also carry the Moderate Caloriversion in the dry.

Kidney Sparing Diets:

-Iams Renal Plus, dry and canned

-Hills k/d, dry and canned

-Purina NF, dry and canned

-Royal Canin, dry and canned

Diabetic Diets:

-Purina DM, dry and canned

-Royal Canin Diabetic, dry

Stress Management Diet:

-Royal Canin Calm, dry

Hypoallergenic Diets:

-Royal Canin Pea & Duck, dry and canned

-Royal Canin Pea & Rabbit, dry and canned

Weight Control and Maintenance Diets:

-Royal Canin Calorie Control, dry and canned

-Royal Canin Weight Control, dry

-Royal Canin Mature Consult, dry

Recovery Diets:

-Iams Maximum Calorie Plus, canned

-Royal Canin Recovery RS, canned

Dental Diet:

-Royal Canin DD, dry